Orgonite and the U.S. Ban

Orgonite is a mix of organic and inorganic elements that is widely believed to have healing effects, yet the discoverer of orgonite was put in prison and the ban still exists today.

By: Alexandria Addesso

Orgonite is based on two distinct principles. It is a combination of a 50/50 mix of an organic resin that is based on petrochemical, and inorganic metal shavings inorganic.  A quartz crystal is also added to the orgonite mix.  This is because of its piezoelectric properties, which means that it gives off a charge when it is put under pressure. The resin has the ability to shrink when it is cured, so constant pressure is put on the quartz crystal.

Orgone energy, which orgonite is believed to emit, is described as similar to what the ancients have called prana, chi, or universal energy. Orgone is created by layering organic and inorganic materials that are able to harness this vital life force energy. It is believed that this process amplifies the energy so that an individual can actually feel a sensation with it. In the past decade or two the use of different types of crystals for many different types of well being as well healing has become extremely popular among New Agers, Pagans, hippie sand a slew of other varying demographics. But orgonite did not always have crystals in its mix. It wasn’t until the year 2000 when Carol Croft was first attributed to adding crystals to the mix. In doing so, the crystal matrix is locked in an amplified state of its own frequency. The encased metal filters the negative frequencies. This combination creates a high-frequency output and a negative-frequency filter all in one piece. The concept of initially using orgonite in a beneficial way was first discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the early 20th century. Reich was an Austrian psychiatrist that researched orgone energy, today’s orgonite devices are built on his findings.  While conducting his research, he discovered that organic materials attract and hold orgone energy, while non organic metals simultaneously attract and repel the energy. Reich died in a U.S. federal prison in Pennsylvania in 1957. His crime was refusing to stop using the orgone generator boxes he invented, which some believed had the ability to cure people of cancer.

Currently the U.S.

government is still doing all it can to censor information on orgonite and ban it from being sold completely. Dealers that were manufacturing and selling orgonite on he popular website Etsy were hit with the following command from the government:

These items were removed in accordance with a notice that we received from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, as well as Etsy’s Prohibited Items policy. Etsy prohibits items that present an unreasonable risk of harm or that violate safety regulations. This includes (but is not limited to) radioactive items and nuclear materials.

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