Pollution and Litter on the Moon

There is nearly 200 tons of junk left from human exploration on the Moon.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. While there are still plenty of skeptics that say that the moon landing was a Hollywood fabrication (a topic that will be explored in a future article), there is real litter on the moon. Plenty of junk was left on the moon from the supposed landings as well as many unmanned explorations that have taken place since then.

It is bad enough that humans have greatly polluted our home planet, now we have a foreign rock with our junk on it. And not just any rock, one that effects so much on this planet including the waves of the ocean and some say even the water that resides within us. So what human pollution is left on the moon exactly?

Well we all for a minute come to the consensus that the moon landing was legitimate, there were quite a few distasteful items left there from that voyage. They include but are not limited to a falcon’s feathers, a javelin, and of course bags of human waste. Later moon landings contributed more junk to the surface of this sacred rock, of course more human feces and a plaque of the names of the 14 men who died in the pursuit of space exploration.

Apollo 15 left an 8.5cm-tall aluminum figure to the moon. The figure was created by the Belgian artist Paul Van Hoeydonck, the Fallen Astronaut was laid on its side and accompanies the plaque listing the names of astronauts and cosmonauts who died during the space race. That same mission left one hundred USD $2 bills on the moon surface as well. The money was supposedly taken into space as good luck charms. Astronaut Neil Armstrong also left a small golden olive branch as a symbol of peace; and a family photo placed on the ground by Charles Duke, the Apollo 16 astronaut who in 1972 became the 10th and youngest person to walk on the moon.

Other than the sentimental stuff that was left on the moon on purpose, there is a whole lot more crap (other than the human feces) that was unintentionally left there. There is literally a whole junkyard of robotic landers and rovers that simply ran out of gas, their batteries spent, or their hardware wore out. There is reportedly almost 200 tons of waste, junk, and human pollution on the moon.

50 aniversario del aterrizaje lunar

This is the partial list of the existing garbage dump on the moon: more than 70 spacecraft, 2 golf clubs, 12 pairs of shoes, televisions, cameras, magazines, 96 packs of stools, urine, vomits, hammers, shovels, food, radioactive items, towels, hygiene kits product, sculptures, etc… etc.






Por: Alexandria Addesso, Kean College, Nueva Jersey

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