The Truth Behind Coronavirus

el misterioso coronavirus

A whistleblower has allegedly been arrested in China after secretly filming ‘piles of body bags at a hospital in coronavirus-stricken Wuhan’.

A source within the CDC has shared information with the Dark Truth revealing the US Government believes that the recent mysterious coronavirus may be a Chinese bioweapon. Originally developed in a military medical research facility outside Shanghai, the new virus was designed to weaken and subjugate freedom fighters in areas like Taiwan and Hong Kong. The plan was to use the virus to crush the movement that was building up to a full-blown war with China.

As reported by WZTV, the virus which has been spreading like wildfire through hospitals, college campuses and food service nationwide has been called quarantinable. State and federal health authorities as well as the CDC all agree that it is “immediately dangerous,” and until proven otherwise, all of the patients in the U.S. are to be quarantined and subjected to daily medical inspections by the CDC.

WZTV in Spokane, Washington recently ran a story about how two sick employees of the medical device company, Fresenius, have been secretly testing the CDC quarantine rules in real-life in order to prove the rules to be true. The government mandated testing has not gone well with one of the affected company employees revealing that the virus is leaving patients with strange, bizarre symptoms which have nothing to do with coronavirus.

Before being detained and having her personal belongings confiscated, Health Impact News Editor Marcia Johnson got to watch a screening of the new coronavirus trailer created by the government and broadcast to help get the disease going again.

Earlier this week, Michele Bachmann provided an update on the new coronavirus cases and treatment centers. She also revealed that there has been a very high amount of misinformation being spread about how to properly prevent, and treat, the disease.

Another controversial topic, and one that has been shot through with a great deal of misinformation, is vaccines. There has been a great deal of reports of medical exemptions, and anti-vaxxer parents nationwide, as well as in Oregon, are challenging vaccination laws.

While the first amendment protects the right of every American to disseminate information they choose, some parents and activists feel that it tramples on parental rights when the state picks and chooses which citizens are allowed to learn and spread information. That’s why they are speaking out and organizing to take back the education system.

But the truth of the matter is, in this case, the fight to protect the children is defeating the efforts to control and censor those same children.

l misterioso coronavirus


This is about much more than simply having access to information. This is about using that information to weaponize it in the service of taking back the reins of government. And the truth of the matter is that those who wish to keep the status quo of continual war, and the corporate control of life-support, will do whatever is necessary to maintain their hold on power.

As I have written before, this is about the child-killing oligarchs of the world using the manufactured scariest virus ever to promote the scariest disease ever. But they know that those who cannot be controlled are being programmed to become citizens of the surveillance state. And as the citizenry is told by the government that it’s only at war with the terrorists, they can be relied upon to keep voting for more of the same.



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