Are We Alone in the Universe?

An Intriguing  Question in the Context of Our Society.

Where are the aliens? Where are other intelligent species in the universe? This is one of our biggest unanswered questions since when we have recognized, there are maybe others.

Our universe is a vast place, filled with galaxies. The galaxies are filled with a huge number of stars, and many of them have planets with a chance to be in the star’s habitable zone.

The circumstances are right for us that we are not to be alone in the universe. Even if we only consider our galaxy, because other galaxies are too far to travel and visit, we have significant chance that we are not alone. There is even a formula, the Drake equation, with lots of uncertain factors, to calculate probabilities, how many other intelligent lifeforms could exist next to us.

Let’s suppose, we are not alone, and the reality favors intelligence. It is possible, and our growing knowledge supports this assumption too. At least, the places where life can develop are most likely, abundant. The other parts of the requirements, the possibilities of the formation of able-to-contact civilizations are still blurry, but at least our example shows, it has the chance.

If this statement is generally true, a galactically insignificant time difference can result in a significant difference in the technology level.

Discoverers of America could be acted as gods to the native people. Just a little older alien technical civilization could act as God to us. What if the other civilization is a million year older? A million year is not a long time in the evolution of life.

The life started on our Earth at least three billion years ago. We call that early life, the single cell-based life primitive, but this life converted the Earth surface and atmosphere significantly. Our life-bearing planet shows signs of life for at least back to three billion years.

Three billion years even cosmically significant time. If intelligent, technology-oriented life, other than ours, can develop in our galaxy, such life could be developed millions of years ago.

Million is small compared to billion. Such a civilization could, and because a technical civilization must be curious, too, want and would discover its galaxy. And would notice, maybe with next to many others, there is a planet, where interesting processes are taking place. Where life maybe exists. Most likely, they had already discovered Earth.

Inevitably, our tendency predicts it that we are going to do the same things, also. We would perceive earthlike planets where life maybe exists if we could continue our development for another million years.

And after the perception, we, or they, would not lose attention. Life is precious in the universe. Worth to protect it in a way without disturbing it.

Intelligence dictates not to conquer, not to rule but protect and observe. This may have happened to us before, and it may be happening with us right now. If they exist, if they discovered Earth, maybe long before the human race developed, they would keep attention on this planet. We would do the same in a similar situation.

Time is not a challenge for a galactic civilization. They could continue the research and observation for any long time. If a million-year older technology-based intelligence exists, they are here.

Where are they, if they are here? And if they are here, most likely they are here long ago. Maybe they are here before the human race started to form. They could follow our development. If they are here, they know everything about us, our history, our language, our biology, our nature, our society, and civilization they know our level of development. They would know, we reached the level of the connection. They could communicate with us. We are ready for that. Where are they?

If they are watching us from long ago, no communication barrier would exist between us. They could communicate with us in our language.

Either in spoken language or in the language of science. And maybe they already did, we just did not recognize it, as the alien contact. We may only recognize it, as the signs of gods. If they communicated with us as if they were gods, that was a misleading act. They are not gods in an absolute way, as a creator of everything. They can act as gods, in a relative way, as they have more knowledge. But now, we could understand them.
It must be a fundamental rule: if a society is contacted by another higher-level civilization, the contact should not harm the contacted society.

However, if they would contact us now, it could hurt or even destroy our society.

Why and how, if they are friendly? They surely know a lot about us before they would contact us. That must be a basic rule. Do not contact if it could be harmful to the contacted. And admittedly, it would be harmful to us. They must know that. Why? Not because of them, but because of us.

Evolution works well in the biology-based systems, but the evolution creates an ever-growing division in a society-based system, because a civilized society may not allow extinction. Our only option to overcome division is the aspiration to equality. We know this. We recognized the drawbacks of the rules of the evolution, and we fight against it. Our society, the human society tries to overcome the limits of the evolution. We are trying to build a better, which means a more equal society. And maybe we will.

Until we do not succeed, we have a competition-based society, where those, who have, having more, and those, who have more access to the resources, material, money, information, getting even more. It is our problem. We have to live with it, we have to deal with it, and we have to solve it sometime.

Why is it so important from that point of view, that we get contacted with other intelligent life? Because the contact creates an ultimate resource for the contacted. The connection provides a vast amount of information and knowledge, what was not available before. If the contact established with a division-based society, it would create even more division and tension in the receiving society.

An interesting aspect that many religions deny the evolution. However, evolution is a scientific fact. If religion is not just a product of our thinking, but it has a human-independent origin, that origin must have known about the evolution. Why is then the strong denial against the evolution in the gods’ based ideological systems? If religion is not just our intellectual products, then it may be a teaching from a more advanced intelligence, how the society should behave and function to reach the level to be contactable.

Where are we now? We are close to being contacted, and we are far from it too. We are close to it, because we are able to understand the requirements, and we are far from it because we have no real intention to take the necessary steps. However, the importance of these steps is not just to be a contacted civilization, but to survive the human race too.

We have to abandon our evolutionary origin, and we have to create, build and maintain a fundamentally cooperative, and not just interest-based cooperative, and by this way, contactable society. That may our fate to accomplish it for our survival, to have future, and to become one of the galactic societies. ¿Can we make it?

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